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Taggy Wiggly Bobbly - A Baby Blanket

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When my brother and sister-in-law broke the news that they were expecting a baby, my first thought was ”I’m gonna be an Auntie!!” My second thought was “What am I going to knit for him??” Ha! A true knitting addict’s reaction.

The answer? This blanket!

I wanted this to be a true BABY’S blanket…one that has lots of texture and flappy taggie things to grab and chew… one that is big enough to lay on the ground and give the little one some room to roll around a bit… and… one that is easy enough to knit while binge-watching House of Cards (or whatever your current guilty pleasure is). These colors were selected to match my new Nephew’s nursery, but this super soft cotton yarn comes in TONS of colors… so you can play with them to make it more feminine, neutral, brighter, standard baby pastel, or just stick with these colors if you like it as-is. Plus this yarn is machine washable and dryer safe – so the new parents will be able to take care of it with ease.  Have fun, and happy knitting.

Gauge: 3 1/2 sts and 4 1/2 rows per inch on 5.5mm (size 9) needles - stockinette st.

PS - I'm from the USA, so knitting terms in pattern are too... thanks for understanding  :)

Independent Designer
Amy Felker
Empfohlenes Material
Feel free to use any soft yarn you love, and play with the colors to suit your...this just happened to match my nephew's nursery.
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