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Surfing the Clouds

PDF-Anleitung, Englisch, Deutsch
7,50 €
Surfing the Clouds
7,50 €
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I created this shawl because I had to make a shawl from 100 g of silk for a swap and I like working shawls in a semi-circle. Since I did not know how many rows I would get, I used many short pattern repeats in an increasing number of repetitions per row.

The lace section is both fully written out and charted. There are two charts: A short one giving you each row separately and a longer one showing where each stitch goes into in the row before. The shawl is worked in slip stitch crochet, so be aware that they are not your usual crochet charts. As there are no crochet symbols for slip stitch lace, I invented them.

The 23 pages pattern includes written instructions and a section with step-by-step photo tutorials for

  • front loop only slip stitch (F)
  • inverse back loop only slip stitch (iB)
  • F2tog
  • iB2tog

The pattern is available in English (23 pages) and in German (23 pages).

Many thanks to tanzewanze for testing and to Waldmaus for naming the pattern!

Tanja Osswald
Englisch, Deutsch
You can either use the traumhafte Seide or Traumseide.