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Lt. Paul Stamets is the chief engineer aboard the USS Discovery, and the co-inventor of the revolutionary spore drive technology that allows Starfleet ships to jump instantaneously from one location in space to another traversing the mycelial network.

And now you can step into his socks. Navigating the mycelial network seems impossible at first but quickly gets intuitive as you travel deeper into space. These socks are knit from the toe up in the round in an undulating twisted-stitch and lace pattern. The socks feature a gusset-and-flap heel construction and a twisted-stitch heel flap. The stitch pattern is foot hugging, giving a comfortable fit on a wide range of foot sizes. Right and left socks are worked as mirror images of each other.

The pattern is written with both metric and US terminology. Both written and charted instructions are given for the stitch pattern.

Gauge: 32 sts x 40 rnds = 4"

Share your project with the hashtags #stametssocks, #socktrekdiscovery, and #talviknits.

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