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This shawl is a love letter to the Sox On The Beach and Nicky in particular. Thank you for being so inclusive and welcoming. You fill me with joy, energy and inspiration every time! <3

Sox On The Beach is a group of knitters from (mostly) southeast England. The group meets semi-regularly and it’s a place where everyone is welcome, and everyone is made feel welcome. This group has come to mean a lot of my designing and it was through this group I met Vykky from West Green Loft Yarns and we decided to work together on a design, the Soxette Shawl, an homage to Sox on the Beach.

If you don’t like mohair you can swap the yarn for any lace yarn.  Yarn A: 360-400m, West Green Loft Yarns 100% merino , 400m/100g, colour Victoriana  Yarn B: 350-370m, West Green Loft Yarns 100% merino , 400m/100g, colour Margot  Yarn C(lace): 290-310m, West Green Loft Yarns silk+mohair , 400m/50g, colour Blush

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