Small Yarn Bowl

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Small Yarn Bowl
4,88 €
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The Yarn Bowls are so cute! All of your friends will be envious! Because they are made of felted wool they are highly portable. The clasp at the front allows the knitter to pull the yarn through, taming the yarn and keeping it clean, but if you need to change yarn you do not have to cut it. It is also good for working two colors -- you can pull from the top and also out of the small opening in the front.

The Small Yarn Bowl requires only 1 skein of yarn of at least 100 yards of super chunky (Rasta), 100 yards of Bulky (Chunky) and 210 yards of worsted. The bowls range between 5" and 6.5" and easily hold one skein of most yarns. They are about 50% smaller than the original bowls. The bowls use almost ALL of the yarn so if you are not prone to gauge you will need to be a bit careful. Either have a smidgen more yarn on hand or leave a few rows off between increases or decreases.

The bowls are one piece construction. They are very easy and very quick. You need to know how
Molly Conroy

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