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Simple Knit Hats for the Family



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These hats are extremely simple to make and finish with a fun triangular decrease at the top.

They have a bit of a hipster flare, and would easily translate into slouch hats just by adding extra rows to the length of the body before you start decreasing.

You can use whatever worsted weight you have on hand, but the thinner styles like garment cotton and wool-ease keep the hat from becoming too bulky.

Whatever you choose to use...HAVE FUN!!

Notes I have a loose stitch, so I used a size 4dpn to knit these hats. I have included my gauge, but I noticed that other people's hats are turning out snug using the same needles as myself. You may need to bump your needles up to a size 6 for a stretchier hat if you do not have a loose stitch.

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