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Rum Daisy


4,88 €


Größe: Wingspan: 67” (170cm) from end to end. Depth at center: 15.5” (39.5cm). Depth at each end: 8” (20.5cm) (One size only)

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I love the lines and texture in this motif, which reminds me of a 70s crochet pattern. The lace is actually quite simple to create, and when worked in a gorgeous fingering with subtle color shifts, the little "shells" really showcase the variations in a gorgeous hand dyed yarn.

I've been playing with shawl construction lately, so this one is a bottom up crescent with short rows to create extra depth at center. Detail is heavy at bottom for a satisfying weight, and stockinette and more delicate lace stripes at top create a lighter fabric for draping around the neck.

The pattern is easy to adjust for depth or width, and you can also play with additional colors.  Notes are in the document on how to do so and where to potentially switch colors so your lace is different than the background.

Sample is shown in Jill Draper Makes Stuff Esopus. A substitute yarn is shown below.

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