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Rosalind Franklin Shawl

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While Watson and Crick won the Nobel Prize for their discovery of DNA structure, their work built upon earlier work by a female scientist by the name of Rosalind Franklin. A woman who sadly died young, before the Nobel Prize was awarded. This shawl is a tribute to her, an asymmetrical shawl featuring a “DNA” cable. This design is first worked “sideways” and then the piece is rotated such that the last section is worked “vertically” and connected to the sideways portion as you go. Because of the nature of this shawl, it can be adjusted for pretty much any yardage, and instructions for upsizing are included. The one-skein version turned out to be 48” wide and 14” deep.

Helpful tip: When finishing up the “vertical” section, end after row 2 or 22 - ending after this cable will ensure that your tension at the beginning and end of this section match and makes for more “square” blocking.

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