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Pwani (meaning coast in Swahili)

As my eyes close, my mind wanders off to memories of wide-open spaces, long sandy beaches, sunny skies and lapping waves. 

Pwani is a celebration of the sea, and is the perfect relaxing summer knit. Easy mesh panels are framed by soothing garter stitch. Simple, familiar stitches are a joy to work. You never need to count to more than two and each section can be worked until your yarn runs out.

Easy to wear and incredibly versatile, this deep, wide crescent shape will slot right into your summer wardrobe. Mabel and Ivy Coast creates a fantastically light and airy fabric with the perfect balance of cool cotton and a touch of warmth; just what you need on a breezy summer evening.

This shawl is part of my Coast series, also includes Wingu (meaning cloud in Swahili)

These shawls come from a time when I craved the peace of the ocean, the soothing sounds of the waves and the wide expanse of sky that reaches out to embrace you as you gaze out to sea.

I find the coast a mesmerising place. With winds blowing the scent of salty air clearing the mind and vistas wide enough to let your thoughts wander, there is a sense of comfort in the meeting of land, sea and sky.


Independent Designer
Clare Devine
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