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Panda Face fingerless gloves/mitts

PDF-Anleitung, Englisch
By Joan C
5,23 €
Panda Face fingerless gloves/mitts
5,23 €
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PDF knitting pattern for a pair of fingerless mitts/gloves with a panda face on the front of each mitt. The backs of the mitts are plain.

The motif is knitted using the intarsia method. The yarn used for the mitts in the photograph is Rowan pure wool 4ply, but any 4ply yarn - wool, cashmere or cotton - can be used for these cute panda face fingerless mitts. You will need approximately 30-40gm of the main colour, oddments of black and white or cream for the panda's face, plus a tiny amount of green for the eyes.

The mitts could be knitted in plain stocking stitch and the panda face added afterwards using duplicate stitch/Swiss darning.

Charts for both left and right mitt are included, along with full knitting instructions.

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