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Mommy's Lifesaver Arm/Cast cozy - Keep the kids off my arm

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When I was in Bad Neustadt for the Sulcus Ulnaris Syndrome surgery (they moved my nerve - the second time) and cut up the whole ellbow,
my room neighbor had also an elbow surgery on her right arm. But her cast was taken off before she went home.
She has two little kids (2 and 4 years old). So she was afraid that they wouldn't realize that she had troubles with her right arm and pull...
That was when she said a cast/arm cozy with skulls on it would keep them off....
So you can blame my hospital stay for this fun pattern.
I made it as a surprise gift to her :)

It's very loose so it also fits as a cast cozy.
You can knit it tighter by leaving out pattern repeats and making the ribbing less wide.

You can use any 4- to 5-ply yarn (sock, Merino, Acrylic).

If she sends me her address I'm gonna send it to her...
It was the first thing I tried knitting after the second surgery. Took me longer than usual but there you are :)

Enjoy Mommy's lifesaver cast cozy cover!

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