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I was asked to make a beanie set for a pregnant work collegue as gift from another of her collegues.
Requirements: it should feature the color pink and have a pink pompon and as the mommy is a highly decorated endurance rider horses should be on it.
And the baby hat should have some chords.

So I sat down and drafted this cute beanie set and knit it up to the requested date.
Pst... she has not yet seen it :)
She asked us to get her gift after her baby is born and it's still a little while until then.

The color pink is not one of her favorite colors. So the other collegue wanted to tease her a little.
But as I combined white and brown with the pink it is not so dominant and not so much of a pink lady beanie :)

Mom's beanie starts with a multi-color ribbing. The kids beanie with the earflaps in one color but with three color chords.
The earflaps are easy to knit.

Then follows the main motive, horses and horseshoe. Mother's beanie has an additional flower band.
The top

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Sandra Jäger
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