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PDF-Anleitung, Englisch, Deutsch
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Mirador is the Spanish word for lookout. This zigzaggy crescent was dreamed up on a lookout high up in the Sierra Nevada, looking out across row upon jagged row of mountains, towards the sea. To me, this view looked very like a crescent shawl. :)

The sample was worked from both ends of a single cake of yarn, however it would also be I deal for long colour run yarns, handspun, variegateds or striping yarns, or striping a variegated against a solid, or two complementary solids. It’s a fun way to mix up some colours.

Gauge is not critical with this project. This page lists 4.5mm needles, which were used for the sample, but please adjust your needle size to suit your own yarn. This design is suited to a range of weights from fingering to worsted, and adaptable to any yardage.

This pattern can be worked entirely from the written pattern, or from the chart with some notes.

Vielen Dank an Sabine von http://www.schafga.be/ für diese Übersetzung.


Nim Teasdale
Empfohlenes Material
Englisch, Deutsch
Listed yarn is a suggestion only. Pattern is adaptable to a range of yardages and weights. Moveable stitch markers may be useful for some knitters.