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Market Tote in Jute Cotton

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As we hear increasing reports of global warming, we realize our own stake and responsibility in cleaning up our act and preserving the earth that we all love living in. We are in this together. There are small, subtle ways we can reduce waste and promote an eco-friendly culture. Reducing our dependence on plastic bags, is an easy way to help save the environment. That’s why this market bag is the perfectly versatile, stylish and convenient alternative to plastic. Tote it to the grocery store, while running errands. Make it your new lunch box. Or handbag. Buy one for yourself and maybe even one for a friend. Remember, we are in this together.

The jute-cotton yarn for the bag can be purchased from my store on Etsy--

There are two colors to choose from natural jute yarn twisted with white cotton and natural jute yarn twisted with green cotton yarn. My store --CraftStruck.etsy

Independent Designer
Uma Padu
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