Loom Knit Ladies Slipper Socks

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Includes step by step video tutorial that makes it easy even for beginners.

I was asked by one of my readers about knitting Mary Jane shoes on a loom. I wanted to help this beautiful lady that knits for charity ( I’m a sucker for charity knitters ) as well as the one that asked me for adult booties . I also wanted make a pattern that could be used for the The Pink Slipper Project. By merging those three requests I have come up with a Loom Knit Ladies Slippers pattern and video tutorial quick and easy enough for beginners.

You’re main stitch through out this project will be your basic e-Wrap and 2 rows of Flat stitch. There is a little tiny bit of math and an itty bitty bit of sewing. But the kicker.. YOU’RE DONE IN 2 HOURS or less depending on how quick you flip your loops!


Loom: Small Loom. I used a 24-peg

Loom Hook: Any hook will work.

Yarn: 70-90 yards of any yarn #4 worsted weight or above.

Needles: Yarn Needle and Embroidery Needle ( if adding

Independent Designer
Denise Canela
Loom Knitting
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