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Konstanz scarf

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Visiting the German town of Konstanz – or, in Switzerland, Kreuzlingen – is a strange experience. The two are effectively one town, straddling the border. One can meander through the streets, never quite sure of which country one is actually in, and wondering idly why it should matter.

Just so, in the fully reversible Konstanz scarf, eddies of lace swell this way and that, never yielding a clue as to which side is “right”; a handy trick in a scarf. Using just 440m of luxury yarn, it’s a pretty muffler to tuck in your coat against the autumn breeze.

Instructions are also included for a cowl version – perfect if you have limited yarn!

Rating: PG (mild peril) – Lace is worked on both sides and the stitch count varies.

Skills used: Various increases and decreases, lace. For cowl, also provisional cast-on and Kitchener stitch.

Note on yarn substitution: This pattern will work well in many yarns, just adjust your needle size to get a good drapy fabric. For sock yarn or finer, cast on 20 sts more.

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