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Gaugeless Lady cardigan

PDF-Anleitung, Englisch
5,35 €
Gaugeless Lady cardigan
5,35 €
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This cardigan can be knit in any weight of yarn and any needle size****without a gauge calculation being required.

How? Its all down to a fun and novel construction in which I have employed the wonders of maths so that when you knit to an initial key measurement the rest of the garment conforms to the laws of geometry to make the rest of the dimensions correct.

Worked top down, it includes options for both long and short sleeves and is virtually seamless (with just a tiny hole at the underarm to close up). All you need to do is measure your knitting in inches or cms throughout the pattern according to the size you want to create. The body is knit flat in one piece, including the tops of the sleeves. Live stitches for the sleeve are left hanging and are worked later by being joined in the round and continued. Use this handy calculator for yardage estimates.

Perfect for those who struggle to make accurate gauge measurements or for combining yarns. I have added a few suitable yarns as suggestions, but you could use any yarn with a majority natural fibre (this pattern does benefit from a gentle blocking - you can of course use a synthetic if you are comfortable steam-blocking).

Elizabeth Felgate