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This pattern is very versatile.
Uses the Moorish Motif.

Crochet the squares together as you go, which makes it easier then it looks!! Choose any size.

One square for a coaster, to 6 squares to a placemat, to any size for a baby blanket to king size blanket!!

I was told to follow my heart with this design.. I listened and this design is ALL for my grandma!! Who I love and miss!!

I promised my grandma a flower garden, I built one out of yarn.
The 3 shades of purple are in memory of my grandma, Aunt Char and Aunt Annie, who are no longer with us..
The other 3 colors are in honor of Aunt Ev, Aunt Marti and Aunt Faith so her and all her sisters can walk together in the garden.

You may sell finished product from my pattern but please give credit to me for the original design!! I have spent a lot of time getting this pattern exactly right!! If you have any comments, questions, or concerns please feel free to email me at

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Independent Designer
Hatch-ed With Love
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