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Four of My Favorites: Lace Knit Shawls for All Seasons

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In Bangkok, Thailand we tend to have three seasons: hot, rainy, and not quite so hot. Many of you experience a wider variety, and in this collection you’ll find a year’s worth of shawls, shawlettes, and bandanas suitable for various times of the year.

The designs in Four of My Favorites: Lace Knit Shawls for All Season feature eyelet and lace patterns that knit up into accessories that are perfect for your part of the world, wherever that may be!

Buds and Flowers is a reversible heart-shaped design for Spring that can be worn tied as a bandana, or draped as a shawlette. The Summer offering is called Thai Tropics, and is a generously sized rectangular shawl that features open lace work as well as palm leaves and palm fronds. It’s the perfect wrap for a cool evening – or an over-air-conditioned office!

For Fall, I’ve included Vineyard Rain. It’s pictured in a Bordeaux gradient fingering-weight yarn and includes both raindrops and lots of grape vine leaves in a bandanda shape. My winter choice is the triangle-shaped Cosmic Blues, simply because the design is sure to chase away the blues and the shawlette will help keep out the evening chill.

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Independent Designer
Michael Harrigan
A variety of knitting needle sizes and yarn weights are used in these four patterns.
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