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Fish Lips Scarf-to-Shrug

PDF-Anleitung, Englisch
6,04 €
Fish Lips Scarf-to-Shrug
6,04 €
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My goal with ***Fish Lips*** is to bring out a bold, modern side of Love Knot stitches (a.k.a. Lover's Knots, Solomon's Knots). I started with a scarf, then also liked it worn sideways like a pullover shrug; so I joined two shorter scarves with a "rosebud bridge" seam. The wide seam also softens the bateau neckline for a comfortable fit.

In addition to the scarf and shrug projects, ***Fish Lips*** *is also about a method I've been using to sculpt the size and shape of Love Knots.* I developed the method while designing with this unique stitch. More experienced crocheters can use the scalable method to substitute any yarn, thread, or hook size. *Once you know how to scale the size of Love Knots yourself, it's easier to add them anywhere, and "sculpt" their shape in a freeform manner*. 

Stitch pattern multiples, a stitch diagram, schematics, and other information for customizing the width and height of your rows are included. I've also included some yarn and swatch talk, because
Vashti Braha