Easy Poncho

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Easy Poncho
2,51 €
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Make this as small or as large as you like. It is totally customizable and extremely simple to make.

Use ANY yarn, any hook size!

The PDF version is available for purchase and it also includes pattern charts as well as optional lace edging and split collar.

This is a great beginner pattern. Because there is no gauge for this pattern this means you can use any yarn and any size hook you like.

Your stitches can be tight for a super warm poncho or really loose for a lacy poncho. It is totally customizable to your desire and size.

For more advanced crocheters, I have included an optional lace edging pattern chart and an optional split collar pattern chart. (Lace edging in this image. See below for more images)

If you are a beginner or just want a simple project, this poncho stands lovely all on its own, letting whatever yarn you choose be the center of attention. For a simple and easy finish add some fringe for fun.

Kris of Light and Joy Designs
You can use any size hook for this pattern and any weight yarn you would like to use. Depending on the weight of yarn you may need more or less yarn.

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