Cuddle Coat

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Cuddle Coat
5,58 €
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On winter mornings when it’s cold outside, there are times when you wake up and snuggle back into bed. When you get up, you find a sweater to put on over your pajamas so you don’t have to get dressed. Knit the cuddle coat for those days. Oversized, with drop shoulders, this coat is not burdened with buttonhole plackets or ribbing to add bulk. No tight shapes or constraints for these days when you crawl back in bed with a book. This sweater closes with 6 funky buttons, three-quarters of the way across your bust, for a slightly off-set look. The neckline buttons up against the chill or unbutton the top for a folded over triangle. This coat will allow you to turn the thermostat down a little, and go back to bed. When you get dressed, the Cuddle Coat will keep you warm when you go out to throw snowballs…and shovel. The Cuddle Coat uses bulky weight yarn that knits at 3 stitches to an inch, and is an easy pattern for a new knitter's first sweater.

Joanne Seiff
Empfohlenes Material
up to 6 1/4" buttons to serve as anchors on the back of the sweater row counter approximately 780(880,950,1,050) yds of bulky yarn at 3 sts=1"

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