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Pattern is written in US crochet terms

If you follow the stepping stones right to the bottom of Mrs Fisher's garden and turn right at the rockery, you'll find a small hollowing in a big, old oak tree. It is here that the worry dolls live.

Inside the big, old oak tree the worry dolls sit around their table, made from a little box Rosa Worry Doll found in the garden. It is covered with a delicate lace handkerchief that at one time, long ago had belonged to Mrs Fisher.

As the worry dolls sip freshly squeezed blackberry juice from little acorn shells a small bell rings from the far side of the room and at once the worry dolls are on their feet, someone needs their help!

A familiar pecking sound can be heard from the entrance to the big, old oak tree. Their friend, Sophia the sparrow has arrived to take Coral Worry Doll to the little girl who desperately needs her. Waving goodbye to her worry doll family Coral carefully climbs onto Sophia's back and wraps her arms around her nec

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The Worry Dolls
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