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This is an asymmetrical crescent-shaped scarf/skinny shawl knit on the bias. The pattern is simple, and can be picked up and set down at a moment’s notice - perfect for knitting while watching TV, commuting, or having coffee with friends. Designed in particular to use handspun yarns, mystery yarns of unknown yardage, remnants, single skeins, bulky, and variegated yarns, Copper Boom can be made as large or as small as you like. This pattern contains two versions of the scarf: one a solid textured pattern, and the other an airy eyelet pattern.

Gauge is unimportant. The goal is a nice fabric, so I recommend going up 1-3 needle sizes from the needle you would normally use for the yarn. The pattern also can work with any yarn, particularly the “oddballs”: bulky, thick and thin, variegated, remnants, handspun, etc.

Helpful YouTube links:  YO at the beginning -  K1tbl, p1tbl -

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