Baby's Breath Sleeveless Cardigan

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Baby's Breath Sleeveless Cardigan


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Golden rays of autumn sunlit quietly trickling their way across your freckled cheeks. Days of summer warmth slowly dwindle away, but just enough time remains for you to enjoy one last picnic. Laying out your worn gingham blanket in a field of fragrant blooming wildflowers, it's not long before you curl up with a good book, nodding one final farewell to summer... 

Frolic into a blustery autumn with the Baby's Breath Sleeveless Cardigan, a snuggly layering piece to drape over any ensemble. From it's pastel, feminine tones to the subtle texture reminiscent of these beautiful, graceful and light blossoms, there's no doubt that this effortlessly chic cardigan will add a touch of whimsy and modern elegance to your outfit as you enjoy a hot chocolate at your favourite café...

With a variety of delicate textures on display, the loose-fitting style of this cosy cardi pairs perfectly with a flowy top and distressed jeans, sure to quickly become a new wardrobe staple...

Pattern uses US crochet terms

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