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Baby Booties Timberland Style

PDF-Anleitung, Englisch
5,35 €
Baby Booties Timberland Style
5,35 €
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CROCHET PATTERN for super-cute Baby Booties in the Timberland Style - I wanted these to look as close as possible to the original Timberland Boots - Just Like mummy and daddy's, only tiny! Who could resist these winter or summer! These crochet booties have been a HUGE hit here in London for the past couple of years so now I'm bringing the pattern to Ravelry - I hope you enjoy it!

Instructions are given in this pattern for 3 sizes - *3-6 months *6-9 months *9-12 months (this size is quite generous at approx 4.7" (13cms) so may fit up to 18months.

American Crochet Terms used throughout.

These Baby Booties are quick and simple to make - they can be crocheted in no time with this extensive tutorial - more than 40 color photos and step-by-step instructions make the pattern easy and fun to follow for a practiced crocheter - intermediate or well-practiced beginner level.

The booties are made using 50grams of bulky or chunky yarn for the soles and 50grams of aran/worsted yarn f

Caroline Brooke
Empfohlenes Material
tension/gauge needs to be tight for this pattern - be sure to do a sample piece before you begin - change the size of the hook if necessary.