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This is a great project for those who like to drink out of a 32oz mason jar. I do because 2 fillings and you have your daily water intake. The only problem I find is the cold water weeps and doesn't stay cold as long. I chose to work up this project in 100% wool in that the fiber is naturally waterproof and if it insulates you in winter it will insulate cold. I have used this for about a week and it is doing as I have wanted.

I used a 60 peg 3/8" gauge CinDwood loom for the project and less than a skein of Kaleidoscope Elegant Yarns in Circus. I would suggest if you use other yarns it be 100% wool and be worsted yarn.

I have included a chart for easy instruction and where you are in the pattern as well as written instructions and pictures for the techniques used.

The pattern is actually easy to make and uses some pretty basic stitching. You will need at least 4 buttons and needle and thread. Also you will need a mason jar that is 32oz and has a handle.

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