Weaving together a home for all makers

Crafting is more than just making - it’s your community, your sanctuary, your home. And so it’s important that you feel yourself here, 100% of the time.

LoveCrafts believes that all makers, no matter their race, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion or disability should feel welcomed, heard, valued and respected.

We celebrate and support all makers.

It’s our vision to create an online home for makers, which embraces inclusivity, diversity and promotes equality of opportunity. More than that, a place where you have the freedom to be you. This isn’t just a company statement, it’s built into our DNA, supported by our values to be kind makers in everything we do.  This isn’t a project to be cast-off, this is our continuous work in progress. And we plan to work at it.

What's our aim?

LoveCrafts has a platform to talk with makers around the world, we’re in a privileged position. We see it as our responsibility to be an industry leader in creating a space where all voices are heard and represented. A space that promotes love and kindness

What are we doing to get there?

We’re reviewing our communications, across our website, social, emails and campaigns to make sure everything reflects the diversity and needs of the community.

Our People Team (that’s what we call HR) are introducing a training program on diversity and inclusion awareness for everyone at LoveCrafts.

We don’t tolerate any discrimination within our communities, so we’re providing extra training for our social media team to moderate social media and community platforms.

We’re making it our personal responsibility. We’re educating our team on etiquette and awareness in dealing with customers.

We’re listening. By monitoring our customer participation and feedback (whether it’s our Smiles team, on social media or through our surveys), we’re identifying and developing opportunities to keep improving.

We want diversity to be the lifeblood of our company, to do this we need to keep conversations on diversity and inclusion alive. We hold monthly review sessions to look at the things we’re working on, and discuss actions we can take to keep improving. It’s an open space where everyone can bring ideas to the table, and flag anything that doesn’t feel right or anything that needs changing. In between our sessions, we have a project board for the practical things and a slack channel dedicated to conversations on diversity. We need to keep talking.

We want our LoveCrafts team to be as diverse as the makers we serve. Our People team are reviewing our recruitment processes to make sure it reflects this.

We’re reviewing photography for our own brands, and having conversations with our suppliers to better reflect diversity. We know we’ve got a long way to go but we’ll keep working on it until everyone sees themselves represented in the photographs we use.

We've put together a list of offensive and inappropriate terms (we’ll keep this list alive and keep refreshing it). We’ve reached out to designers and brands to flag words that can be considered offensive, and have asked them to review their naming conventions. There have been positive changes already, and we’ll keep working on them.

There is so much more to be done.

These aren’t tasks that we can simply tick off, this is part of our ongoing vision as a company. We won't stop working until this is a joyful community for everyone. LoveCrafts promises to put love at the heart of everything we do, after all it’s in our name.