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Help save the planet one make at a time with our round-up of top upcycle craft ideas and sustainable makes. 

We’re always thinking of ways we can switch out the disposable with reusable and recyclable makes. From swapping a plastic carrier bag to a knitted tote bags, to crocheting your own face scrubbies, we’ve got loads of sustainable crafts projects to inspire you

Whether you’re an eco warrior or you’re just trying to make small moves towards living more sustainably, there are loads of ways to make your life more eco-friendly – and lots of crafty projects to help you on your way!

Totally amazing tote bags

Say no to single-use plastic at the supermarket! Instead, take along a collection of handmade tote bags. Not only will you be making a step towards living more sustainably, you'll also look super stylish while you shop!

Sustainable face scrubbies

Wave goodbye to your single use cotton pads or face wipes, and say hello to handmade, reusable scrubbies! Crochet scrubbies make a brilliant beginner crochet project; and they also make an ideal gift for any beauty fanatic.

Amazing upcycling

Just because you don't use something anymore, it doesn't mean it's reached the end of its life! From old items of clothing to unused household accessories, there are heaps of upcycling projects out there to help you give garments a new lease of life.

Sustainability starts with your stash

Making things that make our home life more natural and plastic-free is a great step towards living more sustainably; but it also means making the most of what we’ve already got in our stash! While it’s tempting to stockpile new yarns when there are so many irresistible choices, a neat way to be more sustainable is to dig deep and see what you’ve got hiding in your stash and work out what you can do with it! 

Our stash-busting patterns are a great place to start. From tiny gifts to cute knits for kids, you’ll be surprised at what you can whip up with what’s lurking in the depths of your stash!

Gorgeous eco-friendly yarns

It’s not just what you make, but what you make it with! Paintbox’s super eco-friendly yarns are made from materials that would otherwise go to waste, but are instead gathered and spun into sumptuous yarns. We love Paintbox Yarns Recycled t-shirt yarn, perfect for macrame and other simple crochet makes like these...

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