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Welcome to 2022 makers! As a new year dawns, it's the perfect time to reset and look forward to a year of crafting. It’s time to learn some new techniques, feed your passion and perhaps embrace a new craft hobby! This year we're taking time back for ourselves, protecting our energy, and crafting for those everyday confetti moments. So, let’s find out what LoveCrafts predicts will be the top craft trends of 2022!

1. Mindful making

We’re crafting to improve our mental wellbeing

This year we’ll pay even closer attention to the benefits of crafting for our mental wellbeing. We’ll look for projects to soothe and stitch away stress, and relish the time that it takes to make something with our own hands. You can expect to see this translate into product innovation too! Think, craft kits for mindfulness and yarns and patterns designed with meditative qualities in mind.

Featured pattern: Take it Slow Punch Needle Cushion by TextilesbySaphia

We’ll look for projects to soothe and stitch away stress and relish the time that it takes to make something with our own hands."

2. Unarmed knits

Sleeveless knits and crochet vests are here to stay!

Praise to the sweater vest, the humble tank, the sleeveless sweater - whatever you call it, the tank is here to stay. Expect super chunky slipovers for winter and cool cotton tanks for summer; this is a trend that shows no sign of slowing down.

Featured pattern: NEW & exclusive Debbie Bliss pattern - coming soon!

From preppy to classic, statement or minimalist, sleeveless silhouettes are back. Which one is your favourite?"

3. Friends with beanie kits

Crafting along with our friends, cousins, and TikTok family

As the world heals from the pandemic, and we adjust to changes in our home and working lives, we’re becoming more conscious of how we spend our free time. With that, we expect to see more social crafting; make-a-longs, in-person workshops, and crafts made for social sharing on Instagram and TikTok. Is there anything more fun than finding a fellow maker halfway across the world who loves that crochet top as much as you!

4. Fashion ecolution

We’re saying no to throwaway fashion culture with handmade wearable pieces

Handmade clothing makes a statement about slow living and value. More people are turning to craft to create their own garments; boycotting fast fashion and the impact it has on landfills. A handmade wardrobe is an investment in ourselves as well as a conscious decision to help save the planet.

5. Dawn of the thread

Age-old needlecraft hobbies make a big comeback

Age-old crafts are having a revival. Bargello the traditional needlepoint technique, kitsch cross-stitch, ornate embroidery, tapestries and latch hook; we’re seeing a resurgence of nostalgic pastimes reinvented with modern and trend-led designs.

6. Chunky choice

Chunky yarns in fluffy fibers, the huggability we all need for 2022

For product trends, 2022 is all about Chunky yarn, hello comfort, coziness and cuddles! Expect to see chunky knits everywhere in the form of blankets, socks, sweaters, and cardies. The other big yarn trend is mohair! Welcome to the fluffiest fluff of all, gathered from the fleece of the angora goat and often combined with silk, merino wool, and other gorgeous fibers.

Featured pattern: Bubble Stitch Cardigan by Paintbox Yarns

Chunky and super chunky yarn call for needle and hook sizes from 6mm all the way up to 15mm and onwards. They're satisfyingly quick to work up and super cozy to wear!"

7. Planet-friendly

Sustainable swaps, eco yarns, and wasting less

It’s climate crunch time; we need real and sustainable change to save our planet. As makers, we’ll be looking at what we can do to tackle waste; make eco swaps, and craft a little greener.

8. Home is where the craft is

We’re making our house a home with handmade touches

Our homes have taken on extra significance since the pandemic, and so it’s no surprise us makers want to lavish handmade love on our homes. This year is all about decorating our nests to reflect our personalities and our values. A terrazzo side table? Let’s learn how to make one! A punch needle cushion? Here’s how! An heirloom quilt? Well, I’ve always wanted to learn to quilt… let’s get going!

9. Crafting memories

Creating memories to DIY for

2022 is all about capturing those precious memories! Create an anniversary scrapbook, a bullet journal for your recipes, a photo book for the littlest human in your life – you name it, you can capture it! Scrapbooking, bullet journalling, photo collage memoirs; these paper craft memories will become treasured keepsakes in years to come.

10. Sweet success

Sprinkles, bakes & everyday confetti makes!

2022 we’re getting creative in the kitchen! We’re baking gravity-defying cakes, bubble cakes for birthdays and breaking the mold with our cookie decorating. Wedding cakes or breakup cakes, baby showers or your puppy’s first birthday. Whether you need to butter someone up or just say “thinking of you” - there’s literally no occasion we can’t bake for!