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Published on March 3, 2021 4 min read

If you’re looking for fun scrapbooking ideas, why not create a travel scrapbook! Remember all your best adventures and treasure your favorite memories with travel scrapbooking for years to come. Gather your vacation photos, ephemera and scrapbooking supplies and check out these travel scrapbook ideas for some serious inspiration!

1. Put a ring on it

Simple scrapbooks are low maintenance and just as much fun to put together as more elaborate scrapbooks. This ringbinder scrapbook design from Athletes Abroad is super simple, but so effective! 

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2. Follow your footsteps

One layout we can’t get enough of is Geneva Vanderzeil’s embroidered trip map! This scrapbook layout is a fun, crafty way of tracking your flights and footsteps whilst on your adventures.

3. Think outside the box

This circular scrapbook layout by Balzer Designs is one-of-a-kind - so simple, but so unique! Sum up a whole year of travel in one page, or maybe just your journey around a single city. There are loads of ways you can customize this scrapbook design.

4. Mini scrapbooks with a big impact

Daunted by the idea of a chunky travel scrapbook packed with every memento from your trip? You’re in luck! This mini scrapbook from Volume Twenty Five is a great way to create a travel scrapbook that can fit in your bag. Fill it with pictures and short journal entries; this is travel scrapbooking made easy.

5. Super simple scrapbooking

Don’t complicate things! Grab yourself a ring binder with plastic pockets and make like World of Wanderlust and create your scrapbook layouts on separate pieces of card or paper and slide into the protective pockets. Keep all your ticket stubs, photographs and postcards safe with this scrapbook design.

6. Map it out

Martha Stewart’s marvellous map travel scrapbook idea uses old maps as a backdrop for the cute envelopes to stash ticket stubs and other goodies hidden inside. While most of us don’t use physical maps anymore, they do make for great scrapbook design!

7. Sketchy scrapbooks

To create a simple travel scrapbook, use a small sketchbook like Seaweed Kisses has here. Stick in your favorite photographs and ephemera from your trip. Doodle the food you ate or the sites you’ve seen, and write short journal entries to capture your adventure all in one pocket-sized scrapbook.

8. Get excited about ephemera!

Natalie Parker uses a neat grid scrapbook layout to display her ephemera. So simple and a great way to build up your scrapbook with your trips to come!

9. Scrapbook stylin’

Creating super fun double page scrapbook layouts like this one from misfit.plans is a fabulous way to design your travel scrapbook. Keep it concise with a list of trip highlights and fill the spaces with an assortment of stickers, washi tapes and embellishments!

10. A picture says a thousand words

Not one for writing long journal entries? This travel scrapbook design by catvloguje is fuelling our wanderlust! The perfect layout to spark some serious inspiration, capturing all their highlights in one gorgeous aesthetic double page spread.

11. Doodle your trip

Take your travel scrapbook on the road with you and sketch the sights and scenery as you see them! This layout maps all the major landmarks this adventurer saw along the Thames and their highlights from a trip to Australia.

12. Collect all your ticket stubs

During your travels you’re bound to pick up a few ticket stubs to different places you go to along the way. A great travel scrapbook page idea is to stick your ticket stubs to label tags and tie them into your travel scrapbook like Kathleen has done here!

13. Easy-peasy postcards

Want a super low maintenance travel scrapbook? This amazing travel scrapbook idea from Postcards and Passports is so simple, but so effective! Pick up a postcard on all your travels, punch a whole in one corner and hook onto a ring. Write about your adventure on the back, and you’ll have an easy-peasy reel of memories you can add to year after year.

14. Country cut-outs

We love this creative design Stacia uses to capture the countries she’s visited! For something different, cut out the silhouette of the country you visited and piece together mementos from your trip to fit into the cut-out! 

15. Pack your bags!

For the fans of bullet journaling, this lovely travel scrapbook page idea from Simple Life of a Lady is just too cute! Plan your packing list in these hand-drawn little suitcases and you won’t forget a thing.

16. Plan your globetrotting adventures! 

Planning to visit lots of destinations? Draw out a world or country map like Hannah and Thom and fill in the countries you’ve visited and label the cities you’ve explored!

17. Scrapbook bucket list

This cute bullet journal layout from Claudia is fab for writing down your ultimate travel destination bucket list!

There are loads of fantastic travel scrapbook ideas out there, with unique layouts and designs to help you create a travel scrapbook to be proud of! Want some more inspiration for scrapbooking in general?

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