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Felted Bucket Bag

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You will be knitting with three strands of wool throughout.

Bag is knit from the top down.

Plymouth Galway may be substituted for the Patons Classic Wool and Plymouth Boku may be substituted for the Plymouth Gina.

Any felt-able worsted-weight yarns may be used.

You can use smaller DPNs to finish the bottom of the bag to make it a tighter fabric less permeable to small items, i.e. knitting needle tips or pens and pencils.

You can add additional stitches to the cast-on to increase the circumference of the bag. Just remember to make it a multiple of 12 stitches in order to enable the 12 stitch repeat for decreasing at the bottom of the bag. Evenly distribute the additional stitches between the handle cutouts in Row #7 to balance evenly. Add repeats to the decrease rounds to accommodate the additional stitches.

You can add additional rounds to the 60 round body to increase the height of the bag.

Independent Designer
Kathleen Rinks
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