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Lab or Frenchie? Poodle or Rottweiler? The most popular dog breed by US state, revealed!

Have you recently expanded your family to include a four-legged friend over lockdown? For many Americans, lockdown and more time at home this year has not only made it possible to own a pup, but has also provided a great distraction through these turbulent times.

Google Search Trend data confirms searches for ‘dogs for sale’ has more than doubled over lockdown, peaking in mid-May. But which dog breeds are favored most in different states across North America? We delved further into Google Trend data to find out!

Find out which dog breed is the most popular where you live in our top 20 list below:

  • California – French Bulldog
  • Texas – Shih Tzu
  • Florida – Maltese
  • New York – French Bulldog
  • Illinois – Labrador Retriever 
  • Pennsylvania – German Pointers
  • Ohio – Golden Retriever
  • Michigan – Golden Retriever
  • Georgia – British Bulldog
  • North Carolina – Poodle
  • New Jersey - Cockapoo
  • Virginia – Great Dane
  • Washington - Pembroke Welsh Corgi
  • Arizona - Chihuahua
  • Massachusetts - Labrador Retriever 
  • Tennessee - Dachshund
  • Indiana - Rottweiler
  • Missouri – American Bulldog
  • Maryland - American Bulldog
  • Wisconsin – Siberian Husky

After seeing such huge spikes in dog sales across the nation we were intrigued to see if our community has adapted their crafting projects around their new pooch. Maybe unsurprisingly, the results show that you makers definitely have! We’ve seen a whopping 92% increase in dog sweater pattern searches from January - September 2020 compared to the same time last year.

As so many of you dog lovers are preparing for the holidays with Halloween costumes and festive sweaters, we’ve rounded up our most popular dog sweaters so your pup can keep up with the latest furry fashion trends!

Six top tips on how to keep your pooch happy & healthy this winter

Following the research, we wanted to share some guidance on how to keep dogs healthy & safe during the winter for those of you living in colder climates.

1. Keep them snug in a cozy coat

Like us humans, keeping warm in the winter is crucial for dogs. As such, ensuring your dog’s coats or sweaters fit them right is essential so they can keep warm on winter walks. Whether you make your dog’s sweater or buy it, make sure it reaches from your dog's neck to the base of their tail, by doing this you will cover them up as much as possible whilst keeping them mobile and comfortable.

2. Guarantee a good night’s sleep

You also need to be mindful of how warm your pooch is indoors. If your dog normally sleeps in the kitchen or on cold flooring, try moving them into a warmer area of your home during these cooler seasons. This will help prevent your pooch feeling uncomfortable or even deterioration of their joints and muscles. Alternatively use heated or raised dog beds so your dog’s not led directly on cold tiles or flooring.

Knitted dog turtle costume for Halloween

3. Protect those puppy paws from salt

Although many of us do not notice them, salt is often used on sidewalks and roads to add grit in the winter months. Although salt is placed to help us, it often does the opposite for our four-legged friends as the brine can burn and irritate a dog’s paws. In order to avoid any irritation or cracking on paw pads, consider buying, or crafting, your dog some booties so their contact with the salted surfaces are limited.

4. Keep up the winter grooming

Your dog's coat is there to keep them warm and insulated, so a good grooming routine is crucial.. Regular haircuts, and grooming maintenance such as trimming fur between your dog’s pads will keep your dog happy and healthy! Another thing to remember is to make sure your dog is always thoroughly dry after bathing. Like us humans, going outdoors with wet hair is never a good idea!

5. Avoid eating too much turkey at Christmas! 

As a dog owner you need to make sure your dog keeps warm from their coat, not from a layer of fat. Dog’s can easily put on weight in the winter months as the cold temperature may increase lazy behaviors, therefore fewer calories are needed daily. To combat this, try and maintain your dogs activity levels where possible and adjust their food intake where necessary.  

6. Take a walk on the shorter side 

Dogs will always love going outdoors for a run around, even in winter blizzards, therefore keeping them safe when exercising is very important. As we head into the colder months continue to take your dog outdoors for frequent walks and playtime, however as the temperatures decrease try to limit the length of periods outside. A dog’s ears, paws and tails are great tell-tale signs if your animal is chilly as these are all areas subject to the cold and even frostbite. Check your dog’s body temperature in these areas and keep an eye on  their general behavior to see when it’s right to head back home.

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