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Whether you're celebrating Eid with your family, friends or community we have plenty of beautiful projects and bejewelled yarns to mark the Holy Festival of Sacrifice. From handmade gifts, creating a set piece for the dinner table or crafting your own garment, we have plenty of project inspiration to explore!

Stitch the crescent moon and stars

Set the table for a feast

Wrap yourself in jewel colours

Crochet Saeed The Samosa Amigurumi

"Saeed means happy in Arabic," explains designer Noorain Nizami. "so I thought that would be the perfect name for this little guy because he makes me so happy!"

Add these cute sheep to your crafts for Eid

Colours to celebrate Eid

Rich, vibrant and decadent. While green is the traditional colour of Eid, why not team with opulent blues, earthly jades and splashes of gold for a spectacular celebration.

Decadent yarns and threads

More inspiration