When Anne Marie puts ‘knitting’ in her list of favourite things alongside ‘seeing someone smile’ and ‘aubergine’, you know you’re on to a good thing. Call me Loraine Kelly, but knitting really has helped me mildly cope with the craziness of our world over the past couple of years. And if seeing Tom Daley in a pair of hand-crocheted trunks didn’t make you smile, then are you even human?!

It might come as no surprise, then, that 2022’s catwalks served as a love letter to slow fashion (yes, we see the irony). A crocheted rainbow maxi dress, a knitted mini skirt, tassels like you mean it; the catwalks were speaking our language. So, if you want to ride into 2022, like Grace Kelly’s granddaughter at Paris fashion week, then listen up makers, here are 11 of the biggest fashion trends you can actually knit and crochet.

1. Living our vest life

Knitted and crocheted sweater vests aren’t going anywhere. This wardrobe essential looks equally good over a floaty maxi as it does paired with a tee and jeans. Whatever your style, this cosy little number will see you through from crisp spring days to autumn nights huddled around the bonfire.

From preppy to classic, statement or minimalist, sleeveless silhouettes are back. Which one is your favourite?"

2. Loud stripes

Wear your stripes on your sleeve with big, bold and chunky patterns this year. If you need to brush up on your skills, look no further than our knitting tutorials for how to knit stripes and changing colours in knitting.

3. Regencycore

Bridgerton’s got us taking Regency-era styling inspiration straight to our handmade wardrobe. Embellished and embroidered accents, empire waistlines, pastel shades; anything that helps us manifest riding into the sunset with the Duke…

4. Catch my midriff

From jumpers to vest tops, we’re channelling the 90s again and reclaiming our love for the midriff. If that has you recoiling in horror, don’t fear, all queen of the crops know that these cropped patterns look just as cute over long dresses and tees too!

5. Power to the patchwork

Keep your fashion in check with bright and brilliant patchworks. Go big and bold with Debbie Bliss’ bang-on-trend mohair collection. Or if you’re looking for something a bit more understated, a checkerboard top is the one for you.

Pictured, Kit, who coordinates all our lovely new line launches modelling the Checkerboard Cardigan by Debbie Bliss.

We love this fabulous Checkerboard Cardigan, a striking statement piece for everyone! It's easier to knit than you think, using a simple intarsia method - knit all the colours in one single row, twisting the yarn to avoid holes between colours."

6. Lilac love

If we had to describe 2022’s colour palette in one word, it would be FABULOUS. Yep, in capitals. As we emerge from an unsettling 2 years, we need brightness, colour, and joy in our lives. This year’s Pantone colour might be very peri, but let the rainbow be your inspiration when choosing your next make.

7. Sleeves with flair

Bell sleeves, flared sleeves, puff sleeves, ripple sleeves, sexy sleeves. If your sleeves aren’t making a statement, we don’t want to see it (please refer to the first trend)!

8. Nice necks

If you can’t take on a whole collared knit jumper, then turn your attention to these detachable collar beauties. A fashion must-have that makes a super cute pressie for a friend too.

9. Fringe additions

Fringes are in! Incorporate them into your sweater, make a fringed bag or wrap yourself in a colourful tasselled shawl. Whatever your fringe style, these patterns will give you that feel-good festival vibe all year long.

10. Mohair moments

“I shall call him squishy, and he shall be mine and he shall be my squishy…” Does anyone else find themselves channelling Dory when squishing a ball of Nell yarn? Feast your eyes on some of this year’s hottest mohair patterns!

11. Big bad granny squares

If you don’t know how to crochet a granny square, well you better get over to our granny square tutorial sharpish! This year is all about loud and outrageous grannies. It was really hard to pick just three patterns because there are literally so many good ones, so if these don’t float your boat, check out hundreds more granny square patterns here.

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