yarn bomb bike railings

Yarn bombing: is it graffiti, art, or both? Knitters and crocheters take to the streets around the world to bring some and colour to their neighbourhood streets. Many successful yarn bomb projects have transformed big name statues into woolly works of art. Check out these 12 fun yarn bombs from around the world, created by knitters and crafters just like you. Such large scale projects and some innovative, crazy and colourful yarn bombs!

Copehnagen, Denmark

Denmark camouflage tank pink yarn bomb

Image source: Time.com

Spotted in the city, this pink tank certainly makes a statement. The pink doesn't do much for camouflage, but you might see it on fashion runways in Paris!

Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki Cathedral yarn bomb

Image source: Pinterest.com

Thousands of afghans were put together on the steps of the Helsinki Cathedral in Finland to try and break the world record for the largest patchwork quilt. All of the blankets were donated to charity after the event.

Massachusetts, USA

Massachusetts bike rike yarn bomb

Image source: Parkablogs.com

No one would dare steal a bike when it's leaning up against this cheery bike rack, would they? These boring racks were gussied up with some fun and funky striped yarn bombs to brighten up the town.

Pittsburgh, USA

pittsurugh yarn bomb bridge

Image source: Streetiam1.com

This bridge was named for the famous artist, Andy Warhol. It's located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and it was yarn bombed to spectacular visual effect! We think Andy Warhol would be proud.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland bus yarn bombed

Image source: Streetcolor.wordpress.com

Some fashionable crafter yarn bombed this bus in Iceland's capitol! We think that all public transit should look like this - it might make people a lot happier on their commutes.

Chicago, US

yarn bombed tree in chicago

Image source: Funniez.com

This squidy tree is hanging around in Chicago, Illinois. Maybe the squid escaped from Lake Michigan, or maybe it just really loves sidewalk trees. We may never know.

Austin, USA

Austin, US tree yarn bomb

Image source: Knithacker.com

Anyone who's ever lived in Texas knows that it's important to ''Keep Austin Weird.'' This yarn bomb might look weird to some Texans, but rest assured it's right at home in the sunny city of Austin.

Utah, USA

Utah, USA Sundance film festival yarn bomb sponsored by yahoo

Image source: Happyvalleycrafters.com

Back in 2012, the world renowned Sundance Film Festival got a taste of yarn bombing. This yarn bomb was sponsored by Yahoo! and involved knitting around giant exercise balls - you know, those things we all buy in the first week of January and then never touch again.

London, UK

London red bus yarn bomb sponsored by 7up

Image source: Eventmagazine.co.uk

This bus, sponsored by 7up, was seen sporting some very bright neon yarns as it drove around in central London. We hear that some people have petitioned the mayor to replace the traditional red buses with these extra bright versions, but no word back on that yet. (Kidding!)

Washington D.C, USA

Albert Einstein statue yarn bombed

Image source: Arrestedmotion.com

An enterprising crafter covered this huge Albert Einstein statue in pink and purple camouflage yarn to great success. Albert definitely won't get cold this winter!

New York, USA

Wall Street bull yarn bombed

Image source: Pinterest

The Wall Street bull was yarn bombed with similar yarn to Albert Einstein. Even bulls need to keep warm in the frigid New York City winters!

Belfast, UK

flock of sheep statue, Belfast yarn bombed

Image source: Sluggerotoole.com

Someone yarn bombed a flock of sheep, possibly winning ''funniest yarn bomb'' in history. This sculpture is in Belfast, Northern Ireland!

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