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Looking for a little craft inspiration to keep you motivated while you're stuck indoors? Join us for the #TogetherWeMake 30 Day Craft Project - a free, global craft project open to everyone! Use our daily prompts to do one craft activity every day for 30 days.

Remember, no matter where you are #TogetherWeMake

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What is the 30 Day Craft Project?

The 30 Day Craft Project is your chance to dedicate 30 days to making! It's an opportunity for makers around the world to take the time to craft. Download the 30 Day Craft Project planner, and use the craft prompts to make something every day for 30 days!

Knit, Crochet, Sew, Draw, Collage, Scrapbook, Paint - whatever your craft mojo, make it your own. Here you'll find free patterns and project inspiration to motivate you each and every day. Plus, you'll find lots of craft tips and tutorials from our amazing designers to get your creative juices flowing.

When can I start?

Whenever you like! You can start your project at the beginning of the month, the middle of the month, or any random day! You could even spread the 30 prompts out over a couple of months. This project is all about what works for you.

Where can I share my progress?

Join our Facebook group and be inspired by other makers on The 30 Day Craft Project.

Or share along on Instagram and don't forget to tag #TogetherWeMake #LoveCrafts.

Day One: Self portrait

We're makers - we're stitchers, knitters, bakers and crocheters - and what makes us so special is the way we express ourselves in our crafts. We love colour, texture, pattern and squish. Make today about YOU, dig into your stash, make something little, dream about new projects, update your craft journal, plan something gorgeous just for yourself, or why not channel your inner pop star, change-maker or downright craft diva by making a pattern from Today's Inspiring Women collection.

Day Two: Whatever the weather

What's the weather doing where you live? Is the sun peeping out or are there raindrops sliding down the windows? Dig into your stash and start a temperature blanket, or crochet weather appliques for your denim jackets!

Day Three: Sensational stripes

Stripe it out! Thick, thin, rainbow, ombre, stripes are the best fun to knit, crochet and sew! If changing colour feels daunting, let a self striping yarn do the work for you!

Get started on some bigger stripey projects

Day Four: Round & round

Try crafting in the round, it's a soothing, meditative motion that calms the soul! Crochet mandalas, granny squares and cushions, or knit a soothing sweater on circular needles - you won't need to purl!

Day Five: Pattern perfection

Today is all about geometrical shapes, bright colours, and making a statement with pattern! Whether you get creative with paper cutout shapes, discover what it takes to make a perfect log cabin quilt, or find geometrical pattern perfection in a new knit or crochet project, today is all about perfectly formed patterns. Let's go!

Day Six: Monday mood

Banish Monday moods and get excited for a brand new making week! Take some time out to plan your projects, update your journals and ease yourself gently into a week of makes. How best to show your mood through your makes? Why not try a mood blanket, a drawing to reflect your mood, or perhaps think about picking a colour palette for your next make to reflect your mood.

Day 7: OK, Organisation!

"A place for everything, and everything in its place" is the ideal for makers everywhere, but not everyone has storage that works well. If you're a messy Merion or a jumbled Jane, let's get you tidy!

Day 8: Wonder wardrobe

It's time for a wardrobe makeover! Use our capsule wardrobe planner to sort the unwearables from the old faithfuls, and upcycle old favourites!

Day 9: Purrrfect cats!

Meow! Today's the day to celebrate those kitties - knit them, stitch them and crochet them and even make them something to wear!

Day 10: Evening embellishments

Transform your daytime knits to eveningwear by using beading, embellishments and sparkly yarn! Or what about some tabletop embellishments to turn dinnertime in lockdown into a fancy banquet. Today's prompt is to channel your inner sparkle, glitz, and glamour!

Day 11: Tutti fruitti

There is always more than one bite of the cherry! We have some super fruity patterns and tutorials for you today, and it's time to squeeze some more juice from your fabulous fun crafting!

Day 12: Fictional characters

From Little Women and Highlander to Game of Thrones and Jane Austen novels, it's great fun to make garments and accessories that connect us to our favourite fictional characters! Transform yourself, and escape!

Day 13: Love is love

Today, use this prompt to celebrate love in all its forms! Knit yourself a heart, display a message of peace by making a rainbow to display in your window, or even pen someone a love letter. Today is about sharing the love.

Day 14: Clever cakes

Bake it, knit it, draw it, today is for all the sweet-toothed makers out there! Raid that store cupboard, stash bust your yarn, or delve into your watercolours - what treat are you going to create?

Day 15: Light up

Channel your inner light, crochet a cute amigurumi lightbulb or stitch the stars - take this prompt as you like it and get creative! Shine bright makers.

Day 16: Go your own way

Today is about adapting a pattern, making it your own, customising, or going crazy for colour! Whatever your heart desires - let it be. We have a special guest sharing her project idea too! Textile artists don't get cooler than Jennifer Cardenas Riggs, the enigmatic embroider behind @ThreadHoney, watch her show us how to embroider on to a tshirt.

Day 17: Interconnected strangers

Today is about reaching out to someone (virtually, of course). Perhaps you spend today making something for a long-lost friend, or introduce two crafty pals to each other on Instagram. Or maybe you use today to find out something about an Indie Designer who hails from a different part of the world. Remember, we may all be in different places but as we like to say: Together, we make.

Our fave patterns from indie designers

Day 18: Nostalgic wishes

Nostalgia is the name of the game today. Dig out some vintage knitting patterns, fall back in love with your first crochet project, hark back to child’s play and make some paper airplanes and chatterboxes. Today is about reminiscing.

Day 19: Love letters

Today’s prompt is about taking the time to tell someone you are thinking about them. Whether you pen a traditional letter, knit someone a heart, stitch your adoration, or send someone a love note on Instagram, there's nothing more heartwarming than connecting to someone - especially when you're apart.

Day 20: Singalong

Makers, turn up your stereos and sing from your balconies, bedrooms and crafting nooks! Today is all about music. Let your crafting be inspired by your fave song, share a picture of your current project and stereo soundtrack, or stitch along to the beat. It’s time to feel the rhythm. 

Day 21: Starry starry night

In the early hours of the 22nd April, skywatchers in the Northern Hemisphere will witness the Lyrid meteor shower, the trail of a comet that’s orbited the sun for centuries. Sprinkle some of that cosmic magic into your crafting today. And tonight, make a wish upon a star.

Day 22: Go green!

Today is about celebrating planet earth. Think about how to be a greener maker, reuse and recycle, and celebrate eco-friendly designs and yarns.

Day 23: Family ties

Today is all about family, whatever that might mean to you. Family is often at the centre of our making life – we make gifts for loved ones, craft pieces for our homes and create things that make family life that little bit easier. Whether your family is your group of friends, your children, your parents or even your dogs; spend some time today thinking about them and knit, crochet or stitch in their honour!

Day 24: Puppy love

Trusty companions, loyal sidekicks and excellent craft chair warmers; dogs are (wo)man’s best friend! Whether you’ve got a furry friend of your own or you just want to bring a bit of puppy love into your makes, today is all about celebrating pups!

Day 25: Home sweet home

Home is where the heart (and the stash!) is, and we’re dedicating day 25 to the place where many handmade creations come to life. From crocheted cushions and cross stitched wall hangings to glorious quilts and cosy knitted blankets; the makes dotted around our homes are a lovely reminder of projects past. 

Today your challenge is to create a little something for your home, and independent crochet designer and self-confessed yarnaholic Toni from @tlyarncrafts has just the thing. Join her on Instagram Live and learn how to crochet simple puff stitch hexagon motifs to use as coasters. 

Day 26: Sweet treats

Gorgeous cupcakes, crunchy cookies, delicious donuts, fluffy slices of sponge… There’s nothing better than tucking into a sweet treat while you get stuck into a new project! Cut yourself a slice of your favourite cake and dedicate today the sweetest things in life! 

We’ve got a fab free embroidery pattern for you to try by the super sweet Mollie Johanson from Wild Olive. Mollie’s also taking over LoveCrafts IGTV from 5pm GMT to share some top tips and embroidery tips!

Day 27: Unicorn dust

Think pretty pastels, gallons of glitter and a whole lot of magic! Let your imagination run wild with today’s theme – unicorn dust! This is an ideal day to get the kids involved in the 30 day challenge as the ultimate crafty duo Sonia and Caverleigh from The Craft Aisle are going live on LoveCrafts IGTV to show you how to make unicorn slime at home! 

If slime isn’t up your street, you can still stretch your imagination and flex your fantasy muscles with our other magical projects…

Day 28: Under the sea

Take inspiration from the depths of the ocean today and create a troop of under-water critters. From crabs to jellyfish, we’ve got a pattern for everything, whatever your craft tickles your fancy!

Day 29: Perfectly imperfect

We believe in embracing imperfection! Whether you’ve made a mistake ‘design feature’ on your latest craft project or are giving your ripped jeans a new lease of life, imperfection brings out character, makes every project unique and is a beautiful part of every maker's journey!

Spread the love with these feel good free patterns!

Day 30: Around the world

No matter where you are in the world we makers are united through our love of crafts. Whether it’s sharing inspiration, learning new skills, showing love to our global community or finding planet-friendly ways to keep our projects sustainable - together we’re united!

Totally wild! Discover animals from around the world

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