Classic knits, crochet that looks like knitting, dressing our dogs, learning to embroider, and making face masks, 2020 has been a whirlwind of making. Crafting has kept us occupied and it's helped us be mindful when we've needed it most. Here are the top 20 things you've been searching for, buying and making this year.

1. You're all learning the top ten embroidery stitches

2. Everyone's barking mad for dog sweaters

3. This became the most essential make of 2020

4. The stash staple most added to your knitting basket

5. We're all having a love affair with Paintbox Yarn

6. Baby, we're obsessed.

7. We found the common thread

8. Crafting got totally epic

9. This became a cotton classic

10. Someone had a serious crush on cotton

11. Beginner knitters flocked to this Debbie Bliss jumper

12. Babies everywhere are wearing this sweet and stylish jacket

13. "Lovely pattern and so easy to follow", says Maria about this 5* waffle blanket

14. We went down a rabbit hole

15. The seaside jumper on every crocheters' bucket list

16. What yarn!? These storage baskets have come in handy for hiding our stash addiction

17. The baby granny square jacket approved by real life grannies

18. You've been looking for the rainbows

19. Cross Stitchers made a beeline for this cutie

20. Stitchers found mindfulness in this floral kaleidoscope

Even more patterns you loved in 2020!

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