Craft the perfect tablescape for the holiday season with these patterns and projects

Published on November 24, 2021 2 min read

When it comes to the big day, it can be the smaller details that your guests really appreciate. From personalized place settings to homemade decorations, delightful party favors and one-of-a-kind table runners, we share our favorite patterns and projects to add the finishing touches to your holiday spread.

Together, We Celebrate Tablescape Collection FREE Downloadable

For a whole host of tablescape ideas wrapped up in a virtual bow, download the free and fabulous Festive Tablescape Collection. This features a table runner pattern, tree centerpieces, embroidered napkin rings and an A-Z lettering template to create personalized name cards. With these makes, you'll be all set for your festive soirée!

LoveCrafts Together, We Celebrate: Festive Tablescape Collection - Downloadable PDF

LoveCrafts Together, We Celebrate: Festive Tablescape Collection - Downloadable PDF

By LoveCrafts

Terrific table runners

A table runner sets the theme for the rest of your tablescape - opt for traditional red and green yarns for your crocheted table runner or embroider motifs in icy silvers and festive golds. Create a table runner from scratch, or for something more simple, a table runner embroidery kit has everything you need to be the talk of the table!

Personalized place settings

Go the extra mile for your guests and make something just for them! Grab your calligraphy pens and have fun hand lettering your place cards, or how about a written menu? Create tokens they can take home with mini embroidery hoops or stitch some extra handmade love onto their napkins!

Taking center stage

Create an eye-catching centerpiece for everyone to admire! Crochet a Christmas gingerbread house, or get the kids involved with making the festive paper trees from the Festive Tablescape Collection! For more of a whimsical touch, macramé tea light holders are an elegant addition to your spread and a great last-minute make.

Impress with party favors!

For the finishing touches, treat your party to a little something extra. Homemade candies wrapped in a gift bag, decorations they can take home and display, or even a crocheted gift box with a handwritten festive message hidden inside. Whatever you decide, your guests will love it!

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