Hanukkah, also known as Chanukah, is an eight-day Jewish celebration. It falls in the wintertime and traditions include the symbolic lighting of the Menorah, special prayers, games, gifts and lots of delicious fried food!

It also makes an excellent occasion to get your craft stash out and start making. Whether you’re celebrating Hanukkah yourself, or have friends or family who are, these Hanukkah crafts are great projects to decorate your home or give as a gift.

Knit a cozy Hanukkah sweater

Wear your tradition close to your heart by knitting up a festive knitted sweater. From quirky quotes to motifs of your favorite seasonal snack, these patterns will surely bring a smile to those you’re celebrating with at this special time of year!

Marvelous Menorah patterns

Menorahs are the centerpiece of Hanukkah traditions. On each night of Hanukkah, a candle is lit on the menorah – a special nine-branched candelabra – to symbolize the miracle lantern that blazed for eight days after the Maccabees reclaimed the Temple.

These unique menorah makes are a thoughtful and heartfelt addition to any celebrating home.

Delightful dreidel designs

The dreidel is a four-sided spinning top and one of the most famous Hanukkah traditions. It forms the center of a Hanukkah game which is enjoyed throughout many Jewish households during the holiday season.

These lovely dreidel patterns make an ideal present for friends celebrating Hanukkah, or as decorations for your home to bring out every year for the holidays.

Crochet a special Hanukkah blanket

Decorating your home with special handmade accessories is one of the best parts of any holiday season! We love this simple crochet granny square featuring the Star of David, and think it'll look stunning as part of a blanket or cushion to be showcased every year during Hanukkah.