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Sometimes you just need an excuse to celebrate, and it's in the small milestones of life that you can find the most happiness. Here at LoveCrafts we're celebrating these small pockets of joy that we're calling everyday confetti moments. And when there's a reason to celebrate, there's loads of opportunity to unlock your crafting potential with paper crafts, fun patterns and show-stopping bakes.

Anniversaries, friendiversaries, break-up parties, half birthdays. It's Friday, Saturday, Tuesday - whatever day it is, there's always a reason to celebrate! Find happiness in life's milestones, the small moments and your own personal victories.

You can make greeting cards to thank someone for just being them or paper party hats to wear as you dance the night away on the night of a full moon. Decorate a multicolored layer cake for Find a Rainbow Day in April or a Donut cake for National Donut Day in June. There's so many reasons to make and celebrate these moments in life!

It's time to celebrate these small pockets of joy - our everyday confetti moments!

Where there's a party, there's always a cake

Bake rainbow cakes bursting with color or cake pops for bitesized treats that are sure to be a hit! If it's more of a high tea affair, royal iced biscuits are the way to go. Find everything you need to whip up these masterful bakes in our tutorials from amazing bakers.

Dazzle your guests with these baking extras

Craft the perfect party with these tutorials!

Party hats off to anyone hosting a soirée! There's so much to remember and plenty to organize. But, who says you can't have some crafty fun in the process? Choose your theme and deck out your space in all the streamers, wall art and glitter you could imagine - your guests are sure to be impressed!

Discover paper craft supplies that spark joy!

Even more making fun... Celebrate with these FREE adorable amigurumi makes and stitching patterns

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