Patterns for Passover

Published on March 22, 2019 2 min read

Spring is here and that means Passover is just around the corner! Passover, the Jewish holiday celebrating freedom and the exodus from Egypt, is also a time for family and friends to gather for a traditional meal called a "Seder". Whether you're hosting or attending, here are some of our favorite patterns to complement your Seder table.

Gussy up your table

The Passover table has a few essential ingredients, such as the Seder plate, a glass of wine for Elijah, and, of course, friends and family around it to tell the story together.

Lean in to relaxation

One of the most important rules of Passover is that you should eat your meal while reclining to symbolize freedom and luxury. So, why not make an eye-catching cushion of your own for the task? These are great for adding a little character to your Seder or make a wonderful gift for your host!

Free knitted cushion patterns

Free crochet cushion patterns

Have a wine time

Did you know that through the course of the Seder you are supposed to drink four glasses of wine? That's a lot of wine on one table! It also means that wine is a great gift for your hosts - just make sure it says "Kosher for Passover" on the label. Show off your wine in style with these patterns!

Hold on to your hat

You might have always been told to take your hat off when you enter someone's home, but at Passover it's time to keep your hat on! Check out these knitted and crocheted head coverings for you and cute whimsical hats that relate to the Passover story for your little ones.

Kippah (yarmulke) patterns for all

And a Passover-themed hat for the kids!

At the end of the day...

You've told the tale and drank your wine, and now it's time for the evening to end - only one thing remains: it's time for the kids to hunt for the "afikomen". This is a piece of matzah which an adult hides somewhere to be found and ransomed before the night can come to a close. Hide your afikomen in style with these cute and multi-functional pouches.

Easy to hide, fun to find

Happy Passover!

Whether it's your first time celebrating or your hundredth, we wish you a happy Passover full of knitted and crocheted goodies! If you're hungry for more, don't forget to check out our many free patterns!

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