Hypnotic designs in the softest yarns. The Optical Collection from MillaMia boasts mesmerising knitting and crochet patterns inspired by vivid graphics and spellbinding colorwork. Discover the inspiration behind the latest womenswear collection from designer Helena Rosen and meet the patterns!

Blaze Fair Isle cardigan

Wow, what a riot of patterns, what inspired the Optical Collection?

This collection is inspired by the vivid graphic work of the artist Bridget Riley. Following a visit to the Hayward Gallery in London for the 2020 exhibition of Bridget Riley's work, we were mesmerized. Not just by the amazing colors on show, but also by the intellectual approach to pattern and shades, and the almost magical effect they can have on each other. The subtle relationships between different colors can be seen in Riley's multiple studies on stripes, as well as the dynamic effects of contrasting black and white - these are both constant themes in her work.

How did Bridget Riley’s work influence the new knitting and crochet collection?

The MillaMia Optical collection reflects these themes, with many multicolor graphic pieces, but also some monochrome, starker, black and white items, which give a fresh crisp feel and a touch of drama for a Spring/Summer range.

Monochrome makes a bold statement. What drew you to using a black and white color palette in many of the designs?

Black and white design feels particularly relevant right now, in light of other cultural references such as the new Cruella movie. The overall visual effect of the use of black and white is that these patterns almost feel like they are moving in front of your eyes.

Movement Crochet jumper patternFragment jumper pattern

So, talk us through the collection...

The Movement jumper was our take on contemporary looking crochet. We love the strong contrast and scale of the color change which makes the pattern look super current. Similarly, with the Fragment jumper the knitted black and white stitch work has echoes of a 60s fabric, but translated into something for today's customer.

Optical Top Riley Jumper
‘The Optical collection is an opportunity for everyone to lose themselves in this meditative act.’ Helena Rosen, Designer

The colorful Blaze cardigan, Bridget Intarsia jumper, Optical top are an invitation to all the color obsessed knitters and crocheters out there. An invitation to explore the colors and effects they can have as you combine them. Sometimes we find hours have gone by whilst we have simply been playing with colors. The Optical collection is an opportunity for everyone to lose themselves in this meditative act.

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