When it comes to picking up a new craft, the options are endless, which may feel overwhelming. So, why not go for one that is perfect for you? LoveCrafts is here to tell you which craft is right for you based on your zodiac sign. Whether you believe it’s written in the stars or not, we can definitely predict great ideas and marvellous creations! 


For Aries, it may be difficult to hide your competitive nature, so why not embrace it in the kitchen! Level up your baking skills and be the talk of your next bake sale. Perfect your piping or have a go at fondant moulding. Why not really impress and make your own chocolate bars? There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing someone enjoying your delicious bake.


A Taurus’ heart is filled with so much love, they just want to remind all of their nearest and dearest how much they truly mean to them. Card making is their way of sharing a little joy with the world. Whether it’s going big on birthdays, or creating keepsake cards just because. And of course, who can forget Valentine’s Day - this is the occasion a Taurus will really come into their own!


The curious mind of a Gemini is always excited to dabble in a new craft and explore a new realm of making potential; always looking to adopt the latest craft trends. That’s why Bargello is the recommendation here! This fun needlecraft has had a modern makeover bringing this 17th century craft up to date. Stitch projects from wall hangings and handbags to lampshades! It’s the craft that keeps on giving. Learn all you need to know with our guide to Bargello and give your first Bargello wall hanging a go.


When it comes to thinking up wonderful ideas, Cancers have it covered! With their highly imaginative personality, embroidery is the perfect craft. If you’re a Cancer, you can dream up gorgeous new designs that really show your personality and adorn your home with your creations or gift them to those you love. Your Aida is your canvas, let’s get creating!


Leos have a creative mind and a warm heart. That’s why scrapbooking is the perfect craft! Express your creativity and preserve precious memories at the same time. They have a real eye for layouts, choosing complementary patterns and colours to build eye-catching spreads.


With their practical minds, cross stitch is the one for Virgos! They can follow a chart to a T and find a peaceful rhythm in stitching their design. Known for being animal lovers too, they won’t be short of a roarsome kit to keep them busy.


The peaceful process of knotting with macramé appeals to a Libra's calm nature. Craft a harmonious piece to brighten your home!


Passionate and determined, knitting was made for Scorpios. There’s a lot to learn when it comes to knitting, and a Scorpios determination is what’s needed to learn new stitches and techniques. Dropped stitches won’t stop a Scorpio from finishing their project!


With so many patterns and ways to crochet, learning this craft is certainly an adventure that needs a dose of positivity. A Sagittarius has the perfect energy to create colourful crochet projects and enjoy the process of learning something new.


Lovers of family and tradition, quilting is the craft for Capricorn. This traditional craft comes with complex designs, but that’s exactly the appeal to an ambitious, hard-working Capricorn.


Aquarius’ run with emotional expression, and what better way to express yourself than through fashion! Craft your own handmade wardrobe - head to toe - in your fave patterns, colours and styles.


A punch needling Pisces! Punch needle appeals to their artistic side - you don’t have to restrain yourself to a pattern, let your creativity flow and punch abstract artworks. This is a craft any Pisces will fall in love with!