If you want to change up your interior decor on a budget, this simple, super-quick envelope cushion cover is the perfect project. Learn how to make a cushion cover, and you can revamp your space in no time at all – you don't even need a cushion cover pattern! Here, Anna Alicia shows you how to make a cushion cover without a zip, with an easy step-by-step tutorial.


  • A fat quarter of quilting weight fabric for the front of your cushion. Anna has used:
  • LoveCrafts Spring Garden - Pretty Stems II
  • A fat quarter of quilting weight fabric for the back of your cushion. Anna has used:
  • LoveCrafts Spring Garden - Honeybees I
  • Yarn to make the pom poms. Anna used Turquoise (065) in:
  • Yarn and Colors Epic
  • Clover Pom Pom Maker Set: 4 Sizes
  • Jomil 14in Polyester Cushion Insert
  • Tapestry needle
  • A sewing machine

How to make a cushion cover, step by step


step 1

Start by cutting your fabric pieces. Cut a 37x37cm square for the front of your cushion, and two 37x23cm rectangles for the back.


step 2

Next, prepare the back pieces that will form the envelope closure. Fold one long edge of each rectangle over by roughly 5mm twice, right side out, pinning in place. If your fabric has a directional pattern, make sure you fold the left edge of one piece and the right edge of the other. Sew along your folded edges.


step 3

Lay out the front piece, face-up, and lay one of the back pieces face-down on top, so the sewn edge is towards the centre and the long raw edge lines up the left or right edge of your front panel. Place the second back piece on top, with the sewn edge towards the middle again (this should overlap the other sewn edge), and the long raw edge lining up with the other edge of the front panel. If the fabric has a directional pattern make sure the back pieces are right way up. Pin the layers together.


step 4

Sew all the way around the outer edges of the cushion cover, with a 1cm seam allowance. Snip away the corners close to the seam. Turn the cover right way out through the gap between the back panels and stuff with the cushion pad.


step 5

Make four 45mm pom poms using the pom pom maker and yarn. Trim the pom poms to neaten them up but keep the threads that tie around the pom poms long for now.


step 6

Thread the long thread of one of the pom poms through your needle and pass your needle through one corner of the cushion, a few mm from the tip. Tie the thread tightly in a double knot with the second thread and trim away the excess. Repeat this for each corner of your cushion to finish.

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