Looking to learn how to sew? You're in the right place! Whether you’d like to design and make your own dresses or just to take up the hem on a pair of trousers, learn all the basic skills and sewing techniques right here. Plus, you can browse all our sewing project inspiration to keep your sewing machine busy all year round!

How to get started with sewing

We’ve got a whole host of brilliant tutorials to take you through the basics of sewing. A great place to start is researching the sort of projects you’d like to work on and getting to grips with the terminology, equipment and basic sewing skills.

Give these fun sewing projects a go!

Browse our library of sewing inspiration below, with something for every skill level! You'll find projects to fill your weekends, handmade gift ideas, and designs to help you practice your new skills. Learn how to sew your first garments and accessories with our easy-to-follow tutorials!

Sewing patterns to inspire

Ooh la la, what to make next? There’s sewing patterns for dresses, tops, trousers and more! No matter your sewing ability, there’s plenty of sewing inspiration to go round. 

Pick up these sewing skills

When you invest in a new sewing machine, it’s worth taking your time getting to know it! Learn how to thread your machine, how to control the tension and change the stitches. Once you’ve got the hang of the basics, like running stitch and straight stitch, it’s all about practice, practice, practice!

We have a handful of great tutorials to help you with specific skills and sewing techniques – from sewing a buttonhole to sewing a flat fell seam!