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If you're looking to make your own DIY face mask, our step-by-step video will show you how! Kate Owen, sewing and quilting extraordinaire, talks you through how to sew a cotton face mask with elastic and interfacing.


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Cut out your fabric, interfacing and elastic. Cut rectangles measuring 9” (23cm) x 6” (15cm) out of your outer, lining and interfacing. Fuse your interfacing onto your outer rectangle. Cut two 7” (18cm) strips of elastic. If your elastic is thick you can cut in half, it should ideally be about ¼” (0.5cm) thick.


Pin your fabric and elastic inside out. With your interfacing side facing down, pin the edges of each piece of elastic to each 6” side of your outer rectangle, about 2/3” (1.5cm) from the top and bottom. Make sure your elastic isn’t twisted when you do this. Now take your lining rectangle and pin it on top of your main rectangle, face sides together and sandwiching the elastic strips.


Sew all the way around your pinned rectangle using a ½” (1cm) seam, but leave a gap of about 2.5” on one side of your rectangle. Then, use this gap to turn your mask right side out. Press the edges so that they lie flat, making sure not to iron your elastic in case it melts.


Add pleats to your mask. About 1” (2.5cm) from the top of your mask, take the sides of your mask and tuck ½” under and then back, so that you have a pleat. Do the same thing but this time around 1” (2.5cm) from the bottom of your mask. Your mask will now look like it’s divided into 3 sections across the width, and the sides should measure about 3” (8cm) long. Pin your pleats down, and then also press them down (making sure not to iron your elastic in case it melts.).


Sew all the way around the edges of your mask about ½” (1cm) from the edge, sealing the hole that you used to turn it inside out, and also sewing down the pleats. Ta da! Your mask is complete!

Variation: Sew your own face mask without elastic

Kate Owen shows you how with this easy tutorial for a DIY cotton face mask with ribbon ties. If you don’t have any cotton fabric you can use a tea towel, pillowcase or t-shirt instead! This tutorial shows you on a sewing machine but you could also hand sew it.

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