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Asscher Beanie

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Asscher Beanie
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Product Details

This pattern and its sister pattern, Adamas Cowl, were inspired by my love of 1920 fashion, architecture, and basically any design of the time.

I love the freedom of this period, its timeless elegance, and even its fashion which would not be out of place in today’s society.

To me, diamonds represent the strength, durability and elegance of the 1920’s and will forever remind me of this time of renewal, hope and a desire to do better, be better than what has passed.

The Asscher beanie name was inspired by the family that developed, in 1902, the asscher cut for diamonds. The asscher cut is a stepped, square cut featuring cropped corners and straight lines which visually draw the eye deeper into the centre, like being lost in a beautiful maze. I love this description of the cut, and felt it was meant to be.

The colour work is mosaic colour work, so no carrying yarn, just one colour per round and slipping stitches. Easy!

Downloadable PDF
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