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Favourite FREE shawl patterns to knit and crochet

We love shawl patterns, and we love free shawl patterns even more! Winter, spring, summer and autumn, knitted shawls and crocheted shawls work for every season and every occasion. In the colder months, a shawl will keep you warm, tucked around your shoulders, and when the mercury shoots up, a shawl will protect you from the heat of the sun. Shawls can glimmer and glisten for evening wear, they can swirl over pretty summer dresses for parties and picnics, and they can be made in any yarn weight, in any colour.

Knitted and crocheted shawls come in every shape - triangular, semi-circle, circular, rectangular or asymmetric, but just enough to swish around your shoulders or tie jauntily at the neck. You can drape them over one shoulder, or swoosh them across your body - they flatter every body shape, and they’re perfect if you’re feeling a little bit shy.

Yarns for shawls

Shawls make gorgeous gifts for any time of year. Make a warm woolly wrap to combat the cold, or a sheer laceweight silk concoction to shimmer over an evening dress. You can use any fibre, and any weight yarn - shawls look wonderful in cotton and bamboo, or chunky and super chunky yarns. Knitted shawls have appeared in film and tv - think Outlander, Game of Thrones and most period drama adaptations, along with crocheted shawls and stoles too. Super shawl accessories are finding their way back to high fashion just in time for festival season, we’ve seen sheer lace with knit and crochet motifs swirled around the models as they strut the runways of Milan - so get ready to stitch your way into summer!

How to wear your shawl

There are so many ways to wear your shawl - bandana style, point down, swirled around your shoulders and anchored with a shawl pin, tied at the front, tied to the side, scarf style - the list goes on! Take a look at these stunning shawl pins, to finish the look perfectly!

Go free-hand with FREE printable cheat-sheets!

If you'd rather work free-hand, we LOVE these FREE printable cheat-sheets from fabulous designer Derya Davenport! There are two to download, one that gives you the 'recipes' for basic shawl shapes and one that is designed for circular shawls to knit in the round - with these two resources by your side, you will be able to create any basic shawl pattern!

Crocheted shawls