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Geometric design collides with bold colorwork in the new Tidy Haus pattern collection from Paintbox Yarns! Channeling the Bauhaus design aesthetic, these six easy knitting and crochet projects are here to zhush up your home (and keep things tidy at the same time!).

Tidy Haus pattern collection from Paintbox Yarns

Inspired by the Bauhaus movement

A collision of surrealism, expressionism and color theory, the Bauhaus movement sparked a new kind of creative vision in Europe in the 1920s

Typical Bauhaus design features balanced forms and abstract shapes, without the fuss. (A recipe for an Instagram-worthy home, of course!)

Each pattern from the new Paintbox Tidy Haus collection pays homage to the artists and iconic examples of Bauhaus design. Through these simple and modern DIY crochet and knitting projects - you can bring a touch of avant-garde design to your living room.

Meet the Tidy Haus patterns 

From the bright Benita Nesting Baskets to Amsel Storage Box, each pattern is named after its Bauhaus muse. From wonderful weavers Anni Albers and Benita Koch to painters Lena Amsel and Marianne Brandt. The Dessau Tote is a tribute to one of the school’s original locations in Dessau, a hotbed of creativity for the Bauhaus movement.

Tidy Haus knitting patternsDassau tote from Tidy Haus paintbox pattern collection
All of these patterns are designed to be a simple clockwork project for people trying the technique for the first/first handful of times, so are perfect for improving beginners or intermediates." Paintbox designer, Ella Burch

The Tidy Haus collection is designed using Paintbox’s eco-conscious yarns including Recycled T-shirt Yarn, Recycled Cotton Worsted and Recycled Big Cotton yarns, which means not only are you making divine DIY storage crafts, but are also being kind to the planet too!

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